March 2021 – Region 9 Reports

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ASCE Region 9 – Membership Committee
Elias Karam, ASCE R9 Governor & Membership Committee Chair
Contact Email: GOV.SAC@ASCE-R9.ORG

As Membership Committee Chair for Region 9, I would like to start 2021 by reminding everyone of the Membership committee’s mission:

“The ASCE Region 9 Membership Committee monitors ASCE membership in Region 9, directs membership campaigns to recruit new ASCE members and participates in section, branch and student activities of Region 9 for the purpose of advancing knowledge and membership in ASCE.”


ASCE Region 9 membership by section

Section Professional members Student members Total
Los Angeles 5,501 2,528 8,029
San Francisco 4,065 1,086 5,151
Sacramento 1,737 510 2,247
San Diego 1,361 423 1,784
Total 12,664 4,547 17,211


As a member-driven organization, we rely on engaged members to run our events and activities that provide value to over 17,000 members, including approximately 4,500 students, in Region 9. The challenges of the last year, both professional and personal, have definitely increased workloads and stress levels. However, that hasn’t stopped ASCE from providing value to our members. In fact, we’ve discovered some unique opportunities for advancing membership as follows:


Recent Membership Accomplishments

In December 2020, Director Toks Omishakin of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) became a member of ASCE and signed a partnership agreement that provides membership discounts to Caltrans employees.  This is available to all Caltrans Employees at all member grades.  An announcement went out to all 20,000+ Caltrans members in January 2021.  This opens the door for Sections and Branches to find new leaders within Caltrans by reaching out to their Caltrans Partners.  Some existing Caltrans members may not have received this benefit and I encourage them to reach out to me via email GOV.SAC@ASCE-R9.ORG or directly to ASCE Society via email


ASCE Society Membership Resources

ASCE Society maintains an up-to-date website with numerous membership programs and resources.  These are designed to assist Sections, Branches, and Student groups in retaining and increasing membership. Examples include templates for PowerPoint presentations, brochures, giveaways, flyers, postcards, and posters; swag for your next event; and tips for successful recruitment.  This info can be found at the following link:


One of the most successful programs for increasing membership is the Member-Get-A-Member (MGAM) program.  For each new member recruited, the individual gets a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  The top 3 recruiting sections earn a prize as well. This information can be accessed at

ASCE Region 9 Membership Resources

Sections can benefit greatly by identifying a Membership Champion that can analyze the current trends in membership changes for each branch.  This allows Sections to collaborate and capitalize on Best Practices from the rest of Region 9. If interested in learning more about ways to improve your local membership, please email me at  To learn more about becoming an ASCE Society Membership Champion, please visit:



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