April 2017 – Dues

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Every year we revisit the question of Section Dues and what they can do for membership here in San Francisco. Our members already enjoy a multitude of benefits with ASCE membership. For instance, members can earn free CEUs with select complimentary continuing education courses. Exclusive member discounts from insurance to car rentals are available. Access to technical papers and other technical resources are made accessible by logging into ASCE.Org. Members can also enjoy the networking opportunities at technical conferences and seminars.

On a Section level, support of membership dues has helped us put together local technical presentations and workshops, social networking events and philanthropic outreach. Recently, Section relied on the funding from our section dues and additional sponsorship for last month’s successful Dream Big documentary release at the Tech in San Jose.

Around this time next year, San Francisco will host Region 9’s Annual Infrastructure Symposium and Awards Dinner. Any funds we can raise now will help offset out of pocket costs to attendees come March 2018.

We ask that you continue support of our local events by checking the San Francisco Section Membership box on your membership renewal applications.  Please encourage your peers to join ASCE or maintain their membership in ASCE as a way to keep up with news about the profession and the many benefits to membership that outweigh the fee.

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