2022 Awards Banquet Winners


Outstanding Geotechnical Project​
1450 Bayhill Drive (YouTube) Shoring

Outstanding Community Improvement Project​
Alameda Point Waterfront Park

Outstanding Historical Renovation Project​
Battery Bluffs

Outstanding Flood Management Project​
Bel Marin Keys Unit V: Phase 1 Levee and Seasonal Wetland/Bel Marin Levee Construction
Moffatt & Nichol/Forgen

Outstanding Bikeways & Trails Project​
Caribbean Drive Parking and Trail Access Enhancements Project
CDM Smith

Outstanding Community Access/Diversity Project ​
Daniels Avenue Reconstruction
County of Fresno

Outstanding Roadway and Highway Project​
Downtown Ukiah Streetscape and Utility Improvement Project
GHD Inc.

Outstanding Remediation Project ​
FMC Corporation Former Industrial Facility Remediation
Forgen LLC

Outstanding Bridge Project​
James Bypass Bridges
County of Fresno

Outstanding Small Project ​
Kerman Eastside Community Park – Trini’s Park
Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc.

Outstanding Environmental Engineering Project ​
Orange Memorial Park Stormwater Capture Project
Lotus Water

Outstanding Construction Project​
Oyster Point Landfill Redevelopment‚ Phase 1
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Inc.

Outstanding Parks and Recreation Project​
Presidio Tunnel Tops
Magnusson Klemencic Associates, Inc.

Outstanding Architectural Engineering Project​
Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery Center Building
Department of Veterans Affairs

Outstanding Sustainable Engineering Project​
Quartermaster Reach Marsh Restoration

Outstanding Seismic Retrofit Project​
Riverside Elementary – Lateral Spreading Resistance Element

Outstanding Structural Engineering Project​
South Bayfront Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge & Horton Landing Park
Biggs Cardosa Associates, Inc.

Outstanding Transportation Project​
Warm Springs BART West Access Bridge & Plaza
Biggs Cardosa Associates, Inc.


Outstanding Branch Officer
Neva Popenoe

Outstanding Civil Engineer in the Private Sector
Fred W. Blickle

Outstanding Civil Engineering Public Sector
Elizabeth Bialek

Outstanding Civil Engineering Student
Alysha Curtis

Lifetime Achievement
Hugo Kevorkian

Outstanding YMF Officer
Garrett Chu

Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer
Marianne Ghobreal

Outstanding ASCE Section Officer
Ho-Shing Chau

Outstanding ASCE Practitioner Advisor
Matthew Weaver, PE